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Statement 27/12 - 26 July 2012
An indispensable aspect of our struggle for building the People’s Bloc Government


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CC Statement 18/12 - May 18th 2012



To get out of EU, of euro’s monetary system, of the NATO? No, thanks!


Socialist revolution is going on!

The popular masses, getting organized, make their history guided by the Communist world view!


The elections of last days too have confirmed the political crisis of imperialist system in Italy and Europe


Keep going towards the establishment of socialism!


Let’s immediately form a shadow government!

Long live People’s-Bloc Government!


Monti government worsens the collapse of our country!

Let’s drive away Monti-Napolitano’s Junta!

Get organized not to pay the IMU [Urban Municipal Rate]!

Let’s put an end to Equitalia, the organization of legalized usury!


Let’s form Working-class Organizations in every firm, and Popular Organizations in every zone and district!


Let’s form Party Committees clandestinely in every firm and in every residence zone!


 The crisis of capitalism is going on. None of the measures and the projects carried out by the governments and the other institutions of imperialist bourgeoisie is able to put an end to the crisis of capitalism. They concern the symptoms and not the illness. Imperialist bourgeoisie by nature cannot cure the illness. The measures which it resorts to are only manoeuvres to perpetuate the system of social relations of which it is expression and beneficiary, and to keep alive the system of international relations which it has inherited from history. They worsen the crisis of capitalism, besides they make precipitate the power system’s crisis, the political crisis of imperialist bourgeoisie.

Just Europe is becoming the centre of world imperialist system’s political and institutional crisis. In this political crisis we communists can and have to build the socialist revolution, carrying out the protracted revolutionary people’s war, which is the strategy of socialist revolution.

We communists, to accomplish our historic task, have to put to good use the teaching of proletarian revolution’s first wave, to study the situation in the light of communist world view, that is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to take the initiative and to always hold it, to dare advance and win. The Communists differ from the other proletarians because they have elaborated and personify a more advanced view of the conditions, forms and results of the class struggle, and they, thanks to such an understanding, always urge class struggle ahead.

So all the communists of European countries are called in next months to show their ability to apply the dialectical materialism as a method of knowledge and action in their own country’s concrete situation. Communists’ political action is an art and a science. It is unworthy of a communist to proceed following his nose, and at the same time we communists have to be flexible in tactics, to bring the organized popular masses to build, phase by phase, the more advanced combination of power for the purposes of the strengthening of popular masses themselves’ organization and of the elevation of their awareness, then to criticize it putting it to the test in the struggle against imperialist bourgeoisie and the clergy, and from it to bring the organized popular masses to build a higher combination of power. The communists are not fence-sitters, the socialist revolution doesn’t breaks out, we build it building phase by phase the most advanced combination of power of the organized popular masses.

This is the role we communists have to perform. In last century the proletarian revolution’s first wave, begun in countries on the borderland of world imperialist system, despite the heroism of so many fighters got exhausted without establishing socialism definitively and, quite the opposite, with the temporary revenge of imperialist bourgeoisie, chiefly because the communists of imperialist countries, owing to their shortcomings in the understanding of the conditions, forms and results of class struggle in their countries, have not established socialism in any imperialist country.

The communist world view has enabled us to understand that humanity can put an end to the present crisis only establishing socialism at least in the main imperialist countries. Our country is among them. Moreover, among all imperialist countries Italy also has the characteristic unique and of an international importance of being the Papacy’s base. It is precisely the thing which makes Italy into a non normal country: we rightly call its political and social set-up Papal Republic. The Papacy for some centuries has been the centre of European ruling classes’ power system. When European bourgeoisie has forced the capitalist system on the whole world, the Papacy has become a world-wide power centre. Despite its relative decline in the scope of ruling classes’ power system, today the Papacy is one of the centres of world imperialist system. According to the apt expression coined by our Party, the International Community of imperialist bourgeoisie is headed by Washington government and blessed by the pope of Rome. So to establish socialism in our country has a particular international importance.

The establishment of socialism is the objective the Communist Party has to pursue in the scope of the ongoing general crisis. But once fixed that, the task of the Party doesn’t consist only, neither does it chiefly consist, in proclaiming its objective, illustrating it on a large scale and showing that it is the only solving objective of the general crisis, showing the insubstantiality of the theses which set other objectives, pointing out, beyond all doubt, that the supporters of these theses take into account the one or the other symptom or particular manifestation of the crisis, but not its source.

The theoretical struggle is one of the essential tasks of the Communist Party. The Communist Party can form itself, select and form its members and its organized bodies only on the basis of the revolutionary theory. The Communist Party is able to accomplish its task only if it fights without oscillation and hesitation the reactionary, bourgeois or clerical views of the world, only if it inflexibly fights to assert the Communist world view and to bring to bear the analysis of the situation elaborated in the light of it, i.e. only if it fights in the field of the theory too. But our theory is neither a dogma nor a faith to be professed: what to which it is reduced by the follower of dogmatism. For us communists the theory is the guidance for the political and social struggle which changes the world.

The main task of the Communist Party is a practical one: the transformation of the world. It is an international task which every Communist Party chiefly carries out in its own country contributing on this basis to the international task common to all Communist parties.

The main task of Italian Communist Party consists in bringing the popular masses, in our country, from the situation in which they are today, to complete, step after step, the route which will bring them to strengthen the New Power up to reverse the strength relations as opposed to the power centres of imperialist bourgeoisie and the clergy, and to establish the socialism. That is the revolutionary people’s war we have to carry out and we are carrying out in our country.

To establish socialism means to create the political power set-up which, depending on the times and the forms dictated in every country by its concrete home and international condition, replaces the capitalist production of goods and services with the socialist one. To create the political power set-up which replaces the firm created and managed by the capitalist to increase its capital making the proletarians produce goods and services which he sells on the market, with the productive unit built and managed by the organized workmen from the level of the firm up to the level of the single country and to the international level, the unit which produces the goods and the services which the organized workmen themselves recognize necessary for the decorous life of the people, at the standard of civilization which humanity has reached today. To create the political power set-up which replaces in our country the system of social relations based on the capitalist production of goods, with a system of social relations based on the socialist production of goods and services. To create the political power set-up thanks to which our country contributes to replace the system of international relations based on the competition among countries and industrial and finance groups, which inevitably results sooner or later in war, with a system of international relations based on solidarity, on collaboration and exchange among countries.

Socialism, by nature, can be established only by the organized popular masses. To build socialist revolution means to promote popular masses’ organization and to lead them step after step to increase their own awareness, which, under the present conditions, can be carried out by the popular masses chiefly on the basis of their direct experience. The pure capitalism which turns into pure socialism doesn’t exist in any country. In every country there exists the struggle of popular masses which, against the bourgeoisie and the clergy, realize the transformations that make the socialism: it is the quantity which turns into quality. The task of our Party consists so chiefly in bringing the popular masses to carry out the struggle against the bourgeoisie and the clergy, in actual fact against the Papal Republic, making this struggle into a school of communism, in the sense illustrated by the Manifesto Programme of (new)Italian Communist Party.

Today it is a matter of mobilizing, orientating and directing, with the mass line and the method of the levers, the popular masses already organized, the Working-class Organizations, the Popular Organizations, the associations, the groups and the trade unions which we inherit from the history, so that they launch the campaigns, fights the battles and carries out the operations which strengthen the revolutionary forces and the New Power and disrupt the power of imperialist bourgeoisie and the clergy up to completely and definitively eliminate it.

One of the issues which will be set in the next months is the course to resort to before the crisis of European Union and of its monetary system. The ongoing crisis overstretches the whole institutional set-up of EU and the euro’s monetary system. Greece’s permanence in the EU and in the euro’s monetary system is the most immediate problem, the most immediate testing ground, but similar problems will rapidly be set, in specific forms from case to case, about Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and other countries.

As for us Italian communists, in the immediate future we have to deal with the direction and the role to give the mobilization against the payment of the National Debt, the movements (like the No TAV [High Speed Train] one of Susa Valley) against the megaprojects and the financial speculations of which they are a vehicle and a support (TAV, America’s Cup, Exposition 2015, etc. Galfa tower in Milan is only one of the corpses which the financial speculation has encumbered and ravaged our country with), the movement for the constitution of Emergency Local Governments, the movements for the defence of the rights in one’s place of work (article 18 [of the Workers’ Statute of Rights], National Collective Bargaining Agreement, right to form a union in the firms and freedom to join a union), for the restoration of retirement pensions and the rise of the old-age ones, for the defence and the widening of social security system, of state education and of health care, to give the struggle for the realization of the watchword “a worthwhile and decorous job for everybody”, for the integration of immigrants in decorous conditions, for women’s defence and emancipation, the struggle against the attempts at fascism and the repression and other more mobilizations, which are the reason for existence of Working-class Organizations and Popular Organizations.

The payment of National Debt (interest and instalments), the balance between State and local authorities’ income and expenditure (Fiscal Compact and Stability Pact), the indirect revenue taxation which more and more prevails (IMU, increase of the IVA [Value-Added Tax], review of the ISEE [Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator: a sort of income assessment system which helps to establish the actual wealth of a family], review of Cadastre) over the direct revenue taxation (in proportion to one’s income) explicitly laid down by the Constitution which officially is still the one of Papal Republic too, the abolition of local autonomy (reduction of financial transfers from the central government to local authorities, creation of the Unique Treasury, Stability Pact), public services and common goods’ privatization (in breach of the outcome of past June referenda), the rising cost of living and the increase of rates, bills and prescription charges, the abolition of the rights of the workmen (labour reform, article 18, abolition of retirement pensions and old-age pensions’ reduction, increase of retirement age, abolition of the right to form and/or to join a union and reduction of the freedom to strike) are some of the warhorses with which Monti-Napolitano’s Junta is carrying out the instructions of European Central Bank, of the other EU’s institutions and of IMF. Reform, review, modernization, corruption and crime fighting, law and order, tax evasion fighting, equity, justice, etc. on the lips of Monti-Napolitano’s Junta are only covers with which it passes off the increase of workmen exploitation, the impoverishment of middle classes, the elimination of the rights of popular masses and the increase of their oppression for the benefit of imperialist bourgeoisie and its institutions, of the Vatican and its Church.

Greece, for EU authorities, has become the case. They aim to impose on every country the alternative: either to be subject to ECB, EU and IMF’s directives or to go out of EU and of euro’s monetary system.

We Communists have to orientate the movement of the organized popular masses to agree to none of the two choices of this alternative. Not to be subject to those directives and at the same time not to go out of EU and of euro’s monetary system. It strengthens much more popular masses’ organization and consciousness, and it is much more destabilizing for world imperialist system and EU’s authorities and institutions to force them to the alternative: either to submit to the initiative of organized popular masses and to swallow the transformations which they adopt or to invent, if they can do it, a system for expelling the countries which don’t follow their impositions. Every country of the EU which contravenes the rules and the directives of EU’s institutions mobilizes the other countries of EU too. Other countries are in similar situation or fear they might arrive there. To retire, more or less in an orderly way, one at a time, from EU and euro’s monetary system, means that every country negotiates with EU and world imperialist system’s authorities and institutions a more or less consensual withdrawal. In such a negotiation they would be EU and world imperialist system’s authorities and institutions to force their rules. A negotiation like that, instead of strengthening the popular masses’ organization and of increasing their awareness, would break still more up their social cohesion, because anyway the capitalism crisis would keep on without a break generating its destructive effects.

So not to pay the National Debt (to stop paying interest and instalments), to organize the boycott of IMU payment mobilizing with adequate pressures the Municipal Administrations not to make themselves IMU collectors for Monti-Napolitano’s Junta, not to pay the taxes levied by Monti-Napolitano’s Junta, to put an end to the activity of Equitalia, the modern usury organization, to mobilize the Working-class and Popular Organizations, the grass-roots and alternative trade unions and the left wing of the regime trade unions, from FIOM [the Metal Employees and Workers Federation of the CGIL, the Italian General Confederation of Labor, Note of Translator] , to realize on increasingly large scale and in more and more organized form the watchword “a worthwhile and decorous job for everybody” and to induce with adequate pressures the Local Governments to make themselves promoting centres of its realization, to defend the self-employed workers and to support movements like the Sardinian Shepherds one and the Pitchforks one, to prevent the realization of the Megaprojects and the attendant financial speculations with the related devastation of the ground, to fight every form of environment pollution, of people poisoning and of pillage of our Planet caused by the need of capitalists to increase the value of their capital and to increase their mass of money. It is a matter of giving strength and organization to the protest and claim, but not to confine themselves to the protest and claim, like the followers of economism do. Because it is above all a matter of giving strength and organization to all those struggle forms which go beyond the protest and claim, paralyse Papal Republic’s authorities and develop popular masses’ organization and initiative in building their own productive units and their own power structures up to constitute a crisis government of theirs, the People’s-Bloc Government. In this movement they strengthen the Working-class and Popular Organizations and the movement to constitute their crisis government, the People’s-Bloc Government. The constitution of the shadow government, several shadow governments and committees of national safety as well, promotes this movement.

This is the run-up to the establishment of socialism. A practical process of struggle which the Communist world view illuminates, of which it shows the method and points out the steps to do one after the other.

If Monti-Napolitano’s Junta wants to go on pouring money to the banks and the financial institutions of world imperialist system, it has to be forced to get the money where money is: in the big wealth of the clergy and of imperialist bourgeoisie, beginning with the ones hidden in the tax havens, in the Swiss banks and elsewhere; to cut down on the golden [highest] pensions, the big incomes of state and private managers and the capital yields; to cut down on the military expenditure and to interrupt the contributions to the rearmament, to the wars and the “humanitarian expeditions” of the NATO, of the Washington government and the Zionists; to finish with the transfers of 0.8 per cent [of income taxes] to the Vatican, with the financing of papal trips, of luxuries and waste of Papal Court and its Church. The tax evasion fighting, the crime and corruption fighting and the public expenditure reduction which don’t start from these simple and effective measures, are chiefly a pretence and a form of persecution and an oppression against popular masses. That is in very deed the contrast of tax evasion, the crime and corruption fighting and the expenditure cutback policy of Monti-Napolitano’s Junta, of its golden [generously paid] advisors Amato, Bondi and Giavazzi and of its criminal high moralizers like Gianni Di Gennaro.

In the movement to sweep Monti-Napolitano’s Junta and to constitute the People’s-Bloc Government we must mobilize and organize in particular forms the immigrants and mobilize the workmen and the autochthonous popular masses in support of them, against the attempts at fascism and the other forms of reactionary mobilization. A country like ours with 60 million inhabitants, if had a system of social relations in which the mass of residing people lived decorously, would have no difficulty in integrating in decorous conditions every year a few hundreds of thousands immigrants. An immigrant is not only one mouth to feed: it is also one head and two arms to work. In countries of a size with ours there live already today and at a higher standard of living than ours, quite more numerous peoples than Italian one: almost 90 million in Germany, approximately 120 million in Japan; more than 15 million people live in the Netherlands in a territory which is hardly bigger than one tenth of ours. According to the Papal Republic they are redundant people not only the immigrants: they are redundant millions of workmen, young people, women and elderly which were born in Italy. This is the real problem. The difficulties which oppose to the decorous integration of immigrants in our country arise not from the immigrants, but from the social system, from the social relations system ruling in our country. It doesn’t even allow a decorous life for the popular masses Italian by birth. The poverty, the unemployment, the social disruption are the vices and the crime which emanate from the social relations system imposed, defended and perpetuated by the Papal Republic, and which already are rampant in our country against the popular masses anyway, which feed on the immigrants too and crush them. The decorous integration of immigrants and the creation in our country of a social relations system suited for Italian popular masses are an organic whole: we have to call the immigrants too to contribute to this work.

They are manifest the advantages which it would derive from the immigration a country with a social relations system suited to decorously integrate the immigrants because suited to the decorous life of the people which already resides there. Hundreds of thousands of people which come from all corners of the world learn our language, become communication channels between our country and the rest of the world, export in their countries the usages and customs more advanced than theirs, if they find some in our country, and allow us to learn what more advanced there is in their countries. Such advantages, in short, to bring us to spur, doing our best, the immigration in our country from every other country.

Our struggle is international. But not in the ridiculous and childish sense according to which it should simultaneously proceed in the same form in all the countries, with all the countries well aligned on one battle front like soldiers of ancient-times armies. This is a foolish view which the extremists babyishly share with the opportunists and in which extremists and opportunists combine to paralyse the struggle in any one country, waiting for all the countries to be ready to act together. Our struggle is international because the countries and the peoples are already bound for an interdependence relation, which is why who acts opens the way and carries the others too. Capitalism crisis, even if certainly in a different way and to a different degree, affects and upsets all the countries. The country which most quickly carries on in the construction of socialist revolution opens the way and shows the road to the others too. It is chiefly in this sense that our struggle is international, not chiefly because we inform Italian popular masses about the revolutionary struggles carried out in other countries, organize demonstrations of liking and support for these struggles, try to learn from them. Our struggle is international chiefly meaning that by the practical measures and the protests with which a country disrupts the EU and the world imperialist system, it also contributes to make rise the struggle in the other countries, appealing to the material, economic and cultural ties which already unite the countries and to the common necessity to put an end to the capitalism and to the pillage of our Planet caused by the capitalism.

In this second general crisis of capitalism there actually is a new element, which was not, or at least was not evident yet (the quantity makes quality), in the first general crisis and which unites the popular masses of all the countries: the growth, like the capitalist society has set it and owing to the boundless productive forces increase aroused by the marvellous and illimitably growing outcomes of the research, brings to the pillage of our Planet and to the destruction of human life environment. So today who simply and without distinction speaks about growth, disregards an essential element of the situation. Today the humanity can and has to set to itself not only the task to produce all is needed for a decorous life of all of its members, but it can and has to set to itself also the objective to produce it in a way which is compatible with the preservation and the improvement of the conditions of the Planet which we live in, and it can and has to decide what is to be produced, i.e. to fix standard of living suited to what we want to become. For this reason too it is necessary to overcome capitalism. Actually, in the capitalist mode of production, production of use values is chiefly the means, the vehicle to produce exchange values. The capital by nature has to grow without limit, so without limit it has to increase the amount too of goods and services which it makes produce.

The humanity doesn’t need to increase without distinction and illimitably the production of goods and services, but to select what goods and services to produce, to decide how many of them are needed for a decorous life of all of its members at the higher level of civilization today reached, to decide how to produce them in the most regardful way to the environment and to the resources, and actually improving the environment of our Planet, to decide how to distribute the work required for the production among its members, achieving the outcome that working all, all will have time and energy to devote also to the organization, to the planning and the management of the social life and of the productive, or other, operations, to the control over the activities of the leaders and the organized bodies (transparency), to the education, to the culture, to the tourism, to the research, to the entertainment, to the social relations and to the rest. This one will be the world populated by an association of workmen, in which the free expression and development of each individual will be the condition for the free expression and development of everybody. Today in our country there are more than 20 million work-aged people which don’t work, not counting those who, among the 23 million which work, carry out useless or harmful activities, or activities which exist, anyway, just because we have a capitalist mode of production and parasitical classes which live in the pomp, luxury, vice and waste. A situation like that recurs to a similar extent in the other countries, and blocks the possibilities of progress of the humanity. To go out of present crisis means to put an end to all that too.

It is a future which the popular masses can realize, growing in their organization and consciousness, imposing to the bourgeoisie and the clergy the transformations needed for the popular masses, that will make in the end superfluous the role and the existence of the bourgeoisie and the clergy. Already today the bourgeoisie and the clergy perform a role chiefly harmful to the popular masses: that’s why they don’t manage to govern, to regulate the relations between them and to hold subdued the popular masses any more, with the means and through the institutions of the past. That is a sign of the revolutionary situation.

The European Union is the chain with which imperialist bourgeoisie has tried to keep down the popular masses and to complete the elimination of the attainments which they had snatched from it during the proletarian revolution’s first wave, in the early part of last century. Now that we have entered the terminal phase of capitalism second general crisis, the European Union creaks and doesn’t hold water. The struggle of the organized popular masses guided by Communist world view will eliminate them and will establish a new higher system of relations among the popular masses in Europe and in the world, up to realize an association without division among nations and among kinds, in which the free development of everyone is the condition for the free development of everybody.

With the mobilization, with the protests, with our activities, let’s prevent the moderate right wing (Democratic Party) and the trade-union right wing (Camusso, Bonanni, Angeletti) from collaborating with Monti-Napolitano’s Junta!


Abolish the National Debt! Get organized not to pay either the IMU or the other taxes to this government! Let’s kick-start the home economy!

It is legitimate only what is conformable to the interests of popular masses!

Monti-Napolitano’s Junta is constituted and acts violating the Constitution!


It is right to rebel! Let’s support those who rebel against the present disorder!

When a social order is unjust, disorder is the first step to establish a right social order!


From Susa Valley, to Sicily, to Sardinia; from Naples, to Rome, to Milan;

from one end of the country to the other, just one cry:

People’s-Bloc Government!



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